Apr 8, 2012

Orphange 1

Orphange 1 the place where Brent is institutionalized where he sleeps,eats, and sits around all day. My mind often wonders what Brent does  from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep. Does he play as any 6 yr old would do? Does he know that he lives in an institution and that there is so much more of the world he is missing out on? Does he know that he is an orphan and that's the reason he is there. I don't know if Brent knew his mommy and daddy, or if from the minute he was born was left in the hospital because they found out he had Down Syndrome. Can you imagine never knowing what it feels like to have a family? Can you imagine yourself at 6 yrs old and no one comes when you cry or feel sick or just scared and confused?

All these children are listed on Reeces Rainbow http://reecesrainbow.org/ they live in the same institution as Brent. As you can see some of them are smiling and others just have looks. Do any of them speak to you? When I first saw Brent's picture he spoke to me. I saw a little boy with Down Syndrome who is alone in the world with no one to hold him and tell him they love him. As you see the childrens smiles and others stares, what moves your heart to help them? Orphange 1 is blessed be receiving help from Life2Orphans a collaborative, secular non-profit organization established in 2003 by a group of caring individuals to advance the physical, mental, and social welfare of orphans. They have Sponsorship programs where you to help sponsor a child to get a one on one caregiver and what a difference it makes on a child to receive that attention and help. They also have Help an Angel to Fly program which helps buy extra food to help the children here receive the proper nutrition they need as they wait. But even with the help they are receiving a family will ALWAYS be the true blessing to these children and Brent.

In Brent's profile his description states that he is lower functioning but can truly blossom in a loving family environment. Is that all that is keeping him from growing? How I pray his family comes soon. Orphange 1...... Brent's home , not a house with a family, but an institution with other children, some of children listed above to share as they wait and wait and wait for their family to see them and commit to them .  An institution is not a place to call home, but till then it is. Won't you help these children as they wait. You can get more information about how to help this particular orphanage with Life2Orphans http://life2orphans.org/cms/. So many lifes of special needs children have already been lost, please don't walk away from your chance to make a difference in Brent's life and all the children listed above today.

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