Oct 5, 2012

Priceless Pearl

If you have been following my blog it all started with one little boy. A small child whose eyes spoke to me and touched my heart to forever change my world. A child who was loved in a baby house and a favorite suddenly taken out and put in an institution. My heart broke everynight and in tears wondering how he was doing or what. I prayed that this child this six year old boy would not be in a place where only survival of the fittest survived. I had to know...I had to know how he lived in that institution So I prayed. Then one day as I was chatting with friends in a group I came across Life2Orphans and then I found him and the place he lived in and how. I was so relieved to hear he was doing well, and was being taken care by people who cared so much for him. I knew God had his hand on this.

I continued to go back everyday and look at his profile and with everyday I kept wondering why this little guy was not in a home why?

I started to think because his grant was only at $3000 that people were overlooking him. So I knew that I had to help him in someway. I started a fundraiser which only raised alittle over 100 dollars. I felt so discouraged I was never going to raise his account not to where it would help him get noticed. And then it poured in hundreds to thousands of dollars in his account raising almost $5000 in one month. And it kept growing to over half his adoption cost... once again I knew God had his hand on this.

Still months went by and nothing moved his grant was growing his profile was getting exposure but no one stepped up to inquire about him. This little guy was not getting the attention he so desperately needed.

When I first started reading about him I would notice comments about his purple sweater and why he was wearing a womans sweater. It upset me that people were giving so much attention to a sweater and not his sweet face and that wild adorable hair as if he just woke up. Then it appeared a new picture of him just the way I imagened his smile!  and I continued to believe God had his hand on this.

So here was a child who inspite of being in an institution was still smiling! I just knew someone would scoop him up God was surely going to lead his family to him now I thought so I continued to pray for him and wait on God's timing. I have to admit it was not easy to wait on God's timing I was getting so restless seeing him still listed on the waiting page. I wanted him in a family, I wanted him to be loved and cared for.

Now almost a year of praying and waiting... I am so happy to write out here that Brent will not have to spend his life in an institution. He will no longer have to spend a birthday alone. He will no longer be alone. Brent has a family coming for him! and this brings so much joy into my heart. You see I have gone back to when I first came across Brent, and I knew that there was something about him that kept drawing me to him. You see Brent has never been alone in this world he has always had God's hand on him. He brought strangers together to pray and help him. Because God knows the plans he has for Brent. And they are not an institutional  life. Brent is a Priceless pearl , he is the reason I started this blog. He is the reason I will continue to advocate for children across the world from me. Brent is a precious pearl who was waiting to be found!