Mar 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Mar 25, 2012

What love can do

As a child I remember seeing my mother and father work. They always managed to find jobs working together. One particular job they did was cleaning a church, this church was right across the elementary school where my sisters and I attended and we would walk to it on those days they were working and waited. I would love seeing the way my parents worked as a team I would sit there in awe of how hard they worked to get that building clean. I still remember that smell of furniture polish and the sound of the buffing machines shining the floors. But what I remember the most was look on my fathers face when he walked across the floor and managed to smile at me just for being there. I would sit on the staircase doing my homework and waited for them to finish what a memory. My father passed away two years later.

I cherish that memory because it means the world to me. I know he worked hard to provide for us, and always made sure we knew he loved us no matter how busy he would get. I will always be grateful for having him for 12 yrs of my life, because I was giving the opportunity to enjoy my father on earth if even for a short time. I share this part of my life with you all to let you know that we are all given special memories that we carry deeply in our hearts.  I like to think my own children are making those memories with everything I do. But for the waiting children that I post about here and  every Wednesday and Brent who I so dearly have grown to love with just looking at his little eyes. Are growing up without memories of someone to love them. They sit in rooms all day and some bed ridden with no one to hold them. It's not easy to hear that children are missing out on being children no matter their disability and even harder to imagen that they are dieing while in these institutions. A family can change so much for one child, the outcome of their future can completely change.  I know that sometimes it can get overwhelming to hear and think about so many children listed and so far to go to find them a home.

I want you all to meet Laurel... I have posted her here before along with other older children who were running out of time to find a family. Well our Great and Faithful God has made this happen for them, but Laurel is still waiting and still running out of time her family hasn't found her yet. Isn't she just beautiful so sweet, Laurel deserves memories of her father and mother. Of having a family to love her, shelter her and protect her. I keep praying that her family rescue her soon and that God open the opportunity for Laurel to also be with all the other children who have already found their family before it's too late.

God is faithful and since starting this journey. I have already seen what he can do and what he continues to do for all these children. But the hard part is getting the word out there and showing the world just what these children are living everyday. Heartbreaking absolutely heartbreaking. So ask yourself what can I do? Do you have to give? Donate.. Do you have a heart for these children? Avocate and share..Do you want to know more?  or thinking about adoption ? go here  We all know what love can do in our lifes with our own families. Now can you imagen what love can do for Laurel?

Mar 13, 2012

As he waits...

"Do Not be anxious about anything , but in everything, by prayer in petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace God, which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7.

Brent as a toddler
Somedays it just gets too hard to wait I go to the Reece's Rainbow site and look at all the sweet faces that are being found and I see one after another  my heart is filled with joy. Because they are being taking out of  the orphange life, but a  piece of me feels sad because with almost 3 yrs of waiting those words My Family Found Me are not written for him. Not today and still he waits.

Brent 6yrs old
And then this verse above came to me. Do not be anxious about anything he says but in everything in prayer and petition. Heavenly Father , Thank you for reminding me that you are always near and not a day goes by that you are not listening to me.  You know the desires of my heart for this little boy as he waits for his family may I never forget that YOU  are always in the midst of every word I  pray and as he waits you are already preparing his family. My prayer today Lord is that of every mother for her child that you keep him safe and show him favor. That he never start to feel that loneliness and emptyness feeling of not having someone to hold him and may you love on him always as he waits.

Mar 6, 2012

"Baby Doll"

These little one is weighing heavy on my heart today....How I wish she would find her family too.

Diane has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome or better known as "Babydoll" Syndrome. Look at those beautiful eyes! She is just beautiful , Diane has very little in her grant fund towards her adoption, won't you help donate or share. We just can't leave her waiting much longer.

Mar 4, 2012

God is Good!

As I wrote in my first post, I talked about these children with DS and other special needs aging out at 16 yrs old no longer eligible for adoption in their country. Well here are some of the faces of the older children, for the past weeks everyone has been rallying up in prayer and money has been raised in funds to save these children. God heard their crys for help! their pleads of saving them from lifes that no child should have to live. Meet Sam....born with a minor disability malformed fingers on both hands and because of his disability he was sent to an orphanage. All Sam asked for is a family of his own, for someone to listen and care about him, and having a teenager myself  I know they long for that attention approval of a parent to guide them. Hard to imagen how this teenager so athletic and full of life and health has been hidden away because of his minor disability. With time running out for him to find that family of his own in May, Sam's family found him GOD IS GOOD!

Though we may not ever understand why or how in the world these children/teenagers are being kept from their future is heart breaking to know and  this why it's so important to share. This is Tyler.......he is another child who God has heard and rescued before time snuck up on him too born  with Spina Bifida. Tyler is described as a 13 yr old who is artistically talented, friendly and compassionate. Tylers family found him! GOD IS GOOD!

God's perfect timing is always so hard to be patient with. We know that he listens and he knows exactly when he will do the things that are right. Like the boys listed above, it was hard  to know that they were running out of time and they needed  that family now. God chose these boys today to have their family and how I long to know what great plans he has for them. And with the joy of hearing that children are being saved and families are being united my heart still breaks for the many more that are in desperate need of a family  Because there are still homes that need to be found for them before it's too late. Laurel  a 15yr old with Arthrogryposis who has less then 6 months to be adopted, she has been blessed to live in a very good orphanage for those mostly with physical disabilities till now, but still is not a place she need to be she faces transfer to an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION soon!

And then there is Bernadette, sweet smiling Bernadette with Down Syndrome  15 yrs and looks like an 8yr old who likes playing with dolls, and with toys and watching cartoons as described in her profile. Her beautiful smile and eager look to take her picture is enough to know that she can do so much with a family and what joy she will bring into a home. She needs a family before November to be adopted at all.

My heart breaks for these girls listed above, but this young man breaks my heart even more. Because his knows his future if not adopted he struggles with facing it, and knows exactly what will happen unless by some miracle he does get adopted or family committs within the next few months.

Duncan will be 16 yrs old this summer 2012. He has CP6 Spastic Diplegia he is small for his age the size of a 13yr old and uses a walker to walk and is independent in mobility. He knows what his outcome will be in life if he is not adopted . Duncan has no mental issues but, because he appears to have CP, he most likely will end up in a MENTAL INSTITUTION. This is so hard to understand and so hard to except, that while we will be planning our summer vacations this summer. Duncan will be sent a way to place with no hope. And while we are buying our back to school clothes this fall and taking our first day back pictures of our own children. Laurel will be going to a place where she will be confined with nothing to see for the rest of her life. And while we  gather around our tables with our families and give Thanks in our nice dress clothes and enjoy or Thanksgiving dinners . Bernadette will be taken away from her dolls, toys and cartoons and into a horrible place where her smile will never been seen again. I pray for these children I pray that this doesn't happen that just like Sam and Tyler they will be rescued in time. I give God all the glory, because he is Good, he does hear our crys, and prayers to help in times of desperate need. God.... my prayer today that hearts be touched that lifes be changed and more people reach out to Laurel, Bernadette, and Duncan. That someone reading this today hear the call to help. Because what they are facing now is the future of the rest of the younger children who keep waiting. Let this day be the day that Laurel, Bernadette, and Duncan find their families forever.