Nov 19, 2012


There are so many things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. But I have to admit with a broken down car and a few other struggle in my life this week it was very easy to forget. I am blessed with a family and children who love me. But my heart feels sad today. As I sat and watched my three year old play with his toys. I imagened Alexander alone in his bed.

As we give Thanks for all our blessings and things we have, Could I ask you to remember Alexander. He will be alone this Thanksgiving surrounded only by the workers of the institution and the rest of the children just like him orphans.

If you heart is open to giving this Thanksgiving won't you please help Alexander to raise his Angel Tree fund. Currently he sits at $42.00 and still need $958 to reach the goal of $1000. His grant reads $11,445.50 but it is still aways for him to be funded enough for a family to go and get him if they found him today. That is why your donation would help raise this to help his forever family find him. Any amount is appreciated it never too small as every donation adds up. And please know that all donations are also tax deductable. "Thanksgiving after all is a word of action."

Psalm 69:30

"I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."

Nov 4, 2012

Angel Tree

Every year Reeces Rainbow does an Angel Tree of Children  who are on the waiting list. This Year there are  over 200 children on the Angel Tree. And each child has a Angel Tree Warrior who have committed to help to raise $1000 or more toward their grant.

Meet my little Angel Tree Child Alexander! he is described as calm and sendentary. He has been waiting so long and his going on 6 years old. Which means he is still in a baby house, but will soon be transferred  to an adult institution if he hasn't already. My wish this Christmas is for Alexander not only to reach $1000 or more in his grant. But wouldn't it be wonderful for Alexander to be found and not have to face the horror of knowing what an adult institution looks like.

This is Alexander now and this is what his picture looks like on the Angel Tree. You may click on the link here and find Alexander or on his picture on the side bar and it will take you to the children listed. You can find Alexander and donate any amount you are lead to donate. With a minimum donation of $35 you will receive an ornament with Alexanders picture to hang on your tree this year! Alexander has a significant amount in his grant. By helping raise more through the Angel Tree will give him a greater chance for him to be seen won't you help me be a part of Helping Alexander this Christmas.