Dec 15, 2012

Christmas Wishes

We can sit and make list of things we would love to receive this Christmas... But for the advocates of the children we shout for our Christmas wishes are not for ourselves it's for "our" children. The children that capture our hearts and wish they had a home.

I want you to meet Bobby a face you may have already seen here on the side bar of my blog.  Bobby is my first AT Child on my familys Christmas tree this year. His face is absolutely Beautiful! But we fear that Bobby is not doing well .... his color changing has us all thinking, he losing strength, hope of anybody coming for him.

Please consider giving to Bobby grant this Christmas. Please Share Bobby with everyone you know, he needs a family soon! So we ask Bobby to stay strong, we are shouting for you! As loud as we can so please Hold on!

Nov 19, 2012


There are so many things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. But I have to admit with a broken down car and a few other struggle in my life this week it was very easy to forget. I am blessed with a family and children who love me. But my heart feels sad today. As I sat and watched my three year old play with his toys. I imagened Alexander alone in his bed.

As we give Thanks for all our blessings and things we have, Could I ask you to remember Alexander. He will be alone this Thanksgiving surrounded only by the workers of the institution and the rest of the children just like him orphans.

If you heart is open to giving this Thanksgiving won't you please help Alexander to raise his Angel Tree fund. Currently he sits at $42.00 and still need $958 to reach the goal of $1000. His grant reads $11,445.50 but it is still aways for him to be funded enough for a family to go and get him if they found him today. That is why your donation would help raise this to help his forever family find him. Any amount is appreciated it never too small as every donation adds up. And please know that all donations are also tax deductable. "Thanksgiving after all is a word of action."

Psalm 69:30

"I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."

Nov 4, 2012

Angel Tree

Every year Reeces Rainbow does an Angel Tree of Children  who are on the waiting list. This Year there are  over 200 children on the Angel Tree. And each child has a Angel Tree Warrior who have committed to help to raise $1000 or more toward their grant.

Meet my little Angel Tree Child Alexander! he is described as calm and sendentary. He has been waiting so long and his going on 6 years old. Which means he is still in a baby house, but will soon be transferred  to an adult institution if he hasn't already. My wish this Christmas is for Alexander not only to reach $1000 or more in his grant. But wouldn't it be wonderful for Alexander to be found and not have to face the horror of knowing what an adult institution looks like.

This is Alexander now and this is what his picture looks like on the Angel Tree. You may click on the link here and find Alexander or on his picture on the side bar and it will take you to the children listed. You can find Alexander and donate any amount you are lead to donate. With a minimum donation of $35 you will receive an ornament with Alexanders picture to hang on your tree this year! Alexander has a significant amount in his grant. By helping raise more through the Angel Tree will give him a greater chance for him to be seen won't you help me be a part of Helping Alexander this Christmas.

Oct 5, 2012

Priceless Pearl

If you have been following my blog it all started with one little boy. A small child whose eyes spoke to me and touched my heart to forever change my world. A child who was loved in a baby house and a favorite suddenly taken out and put in an institution. My heart broke everynight and in tears wondering how he was doing or what. I prayed that this child this six year old boy would not be in a place where only survival of the fittest survived. I had to know...I had to know how he lived in that institution So I prayed. Then one day as I was chatting with friends in a group I came across Life2Orphans and then I found him and the place he lived in and how. I was so relieved to hear he was doing well, and was being taken care by people who cared so much for him. I knew God had his hand on this.

I continued to go back everyday and look at his profile and with everyday I kept wondering why this little guy was not in a home why?

I started to think because his grant was only at $3000 that people were overlooking him. So I knew that I had to help him in someway. I started a fundraiser which only raised alittle over 100 dollars. I felt so discouraged I was never going to raise his account not to where it would help him get noticed. And then it poured in hundreds to thousands of dollars in his account raising almost $5000 in one month. And it kept growing to over half his adoption cost... once again I knew God had his hand on this.

Still months went by and nothing moved his grant was growing his profile was getting exposure but no one stepped up to inquire about him. This little guy was not getting the attention he so desperately needed.

When I first started reading about him I would notice comments about his purple sweater and why he was wearing a womans sweater. It upset me that people were giving so much attention to a sweater and not his sweet face and that wild adorable hair as if he just woke up. Then it appeared a new picture of him just the way I imagened his smile!  and I continued to believe God had his hand on this.

So here was a child who inspite of being in an institution was still smiling! I just knew someone would scoop him up God was surely going to lead his family to him now I thought so I continued to pray for him and wait on God's timing. I have to admit it was not easy to wait on God's timing I was getting so restless seeing him still listed on the waiting page. I wanted him in a family, I wanted him to be loved and cared for.

Now almost a year of praying and waiting... I am so happy to write out here that Brent will not have to spend his life in an institution. He will no longer have to spend a birthday alone. He will no longer be alone. Brent has a family coming for him! and this brings so much joy into my heart. You see I have gone back to when I first came across Brent, and I knew that there was something about him that kept drawing me to him. You see Brent has never been alone in this world he has always had God's hand on him. He brought strangers together to pray and help him. Because God knows the plans he has for Brent. And they are not an institutional  life. Brent is a Priceless pearl , he is the reason I started this blog. He is the reason I will continue to advocate for children across the world from me. Brent is a precious pearl who was waiting to be found!  

Sep 30, 2012

Starfish of Orphanage 42

Are you familiar with the Starfish Story? This story of a young man standing by the ocean side throwing starfish back into the water. An elderly gentleman approches him and asks him what was he doing and the young man replied throwing the starfish back into the water. The sun is up and the tide is going down surely they will die. The older gentleman comments "There are too many and you will never be able to get them all back in the water." The young man picks up a starfish and throws it back into the ocean and says "I made a difference for that one."

How many times have you had the opportunity to make a Starfish Story? If we look into our daily lifes we surely have all had the chance to help someone and make a difference in someway. Regardless of how insignificant it may have seemed to others.

I would like you to meet the Starfish of Orphange 42......







This six children are all looking to be saved from institutions and into a home safely where they belong.
Surely they all have a mom and dad out there that can rescue them from that sunrise. To give them the opportunity to live in a family just like the starfish the boy in the story rescued. Could this be you? Are you willing to make a difference for them?

" For the Lord is a Great God...the sea is his, and he made it." Psalm 95: 3,5

Sep 4, 2012

Faith and Labor

 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 

  "If you can, all things are possible for one who believes." Mark 9:23

 "Therefore my beloved brothers, be stead fast, immovable, aways abounding in the work of the lord, knowing your labor is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

                            Could it be Kyle? who has been posted but never seen.

                                   Or  Sasha who is now a lost boy in urgent need.

Could it be Millie who distant look calls out to you.


Or Holly who happen to catch my attention tonight.

Whoever it may be that needs prayers tonight I will certainly be praying. Praying for these children who still do not have a family only us to show them to the world.

"Remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." 1Thessalonians

Jul 19, 2012

God's Timing

Ok everyone have you checked out the grant amount for Brent over to the right? over $15k that's right! Since we blog blitz Sunday his grant grew over $5,000. What a blessing! Thank you to everyone who donated and is helping him and his forever family. Brent's sweet face and grin is enough for anyone to fall in love with him. But  money is  often the reason why some of the children are still waiting.

It's just not right it should not have to cost so much to save a life and give a child a chance to live and be the person God created him/her to be. Because no doubt they have a purpose in this world! They certainly have touched my heart to do whatever I can in my hands to help them. What impact have they made on you?

God is showing his mercy on Brent...and I can't wait to see the plans he has for him. I often inquire about him to see if anyone is coming for him. Only to get my heart broken over and over to hear no one is. I check in on the My Family Found Me page  in hopes of seeing him on that everyday. And Brent is still on the Waiting Children page on Reeces Rainbow and it gets so discouraging. When will someone come forward and rescue him.

And then it hits me just look at what God has done for Brent this week, be patient and wait on God's timing because God answers prayers! He's never late and He never fails us. Today we must celebrate his timing and his provision.

Jul 14, 2012

Still they wait!....Blog Blitz

There are lots of people shouting out for lots children listed on Reeces Rainbow. Many have special little ones that have stole their hearts and have committed to advocate for them till they find their forever family. Some have been blessed to have found their family and some are now home! But others have been passed over one too many times.

This blonde hair, blue eyed little guy is  Maxim he looks so ready to play. Born with Down Syndrome and strabisnus in both eyes which he struggles with and has a significant tongue thrust. But with help of a family, surgery/glasses this can could be corrected  for him! It has been updated that  Maxim is doing wonderful and is getting physical and swimming therapy and walking short distances.  Maxim needs a family to show his sweetness and how alert and attentive he can be. He is patiently waiting for his mom and dad to come please don't keep him waiting. He is just waiting to light up his families life!


Yegor is another blonde hair, blue eyed  little one with Down Syndrome who has been passed over, just look at him. He is absolutely adorable, how oh how has he not been found already. He was born with VSD led to pulmanory hypertension. He has been blessed to have had corrective surgery and is doing fine. But he still needs a family so much so he could benefit to seeing a cardiologist to ensure that any hypertension can be controlled or if futher correction is needed. Yegor is in one of the easiest regions to adopt from Won't someone please consider him!


 My goodness look at Ivan with his dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes calling out for his mom to hold him. Little Ivan has Cerebral Palsy he is not able to walk he is a favorite and a family to his little guy will make a big impact on his life. If he is not adopted he surely will be bedridden for the rest of his life. As it usually is for all these children who have these disabilities with no one hold them and help them.


Abbotts picture makes me want to run and hold him...Poor little guy he looks so confused. He is described as a very kind and cheerful child. He easily finds common language with adults and children. He loves and understands different kinds of toys. He does not speak well, but is easily understood. Abbott is active likes to run, walk, and see new places. Now with all that said about him he has been moved to an Institution and there has not been any information on how he is doing. How heartbreaking to know that this child full of life is shut away for the world!


Emmitt is 14 one of the oldest listed here who so desperately needs a family. Not only because of his need, but if not adopted by 16 he will age out and not be able to adopted at all. Emmitt is kind and intelligent sweet boy, he is said to be very talkative, funny and friendly. Born with Spina Bifida and a severe deformity of his legs and cannot walk at all. He so desperately seeks attention. Please don't let Emmitt get lost and lose his opportunity to find his family. He has been in an Institution many years and yet still remains sweet.


Now here is a familiar face on my blog! Brent is another one who has been passed over too. My heart breaks for him and all the children listed who continue to wait. He is the reason I yell! he along with the many children as the ones listed here are the reason that We shout, and want to be heard! They need to be seen, they need their forever families! And by we I mean all the people who have joined together today to Blog Blitz for love! so that all these children may be passed over no more. All the children described in my blog all have different needs, and  sweet loving hearts that need attention. Help us help them by sharing them too!

Please come check out more blogs here! who are shouting out for more passed over babies today!

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Jul 12, 2012

Rescue Me!

This little guy you see in this picture is Sasha he is 8 yrs old and very much still a baby. There is not much that he can do, he has Down Syndrome and possibly CP he is considered very delayed. He rocks himself in strollers and cribs to keep himself occupied, and do you see his picture with his tongue? He has teethmarks on it from chewing on it from boredom.

No one really knows if he is autistic or has CP or other birth traumas as described in his profile. The caregivers can't do much with him so he soothes himself. Sasha is 8!!! and just look at his size!!!! He needs to be rescued!! He is now a " Lost Boy" he has been transferred to a remote institution, where it is not possible to get additional information on the children there. Making it difficult to update how they are doing once sent to this horrific place!

Please don't forget about me!

 Sasha has been doing nothing but laying in his crib with no one to hold him and comfort him and he has learned  to do so himself. The institution he has been transferred has absolutely nothing  for the children to do there, but sit around all day in sheds, as they rock themselves, and hit one another, and moan.

Won't you please share Sasha  today? He needs you and me to help him get out of a place he should never be in the first place. He needs love and attention more then anything in this world, if not adopted he will surely be bedridden for the rest of his life Please don't forget about him!

Jun 21, 2012


What does the number seven mean to you? To this little boy it's how old he is today...Brent is now seven, but he is not surrounded with gifts, a cake with candles, or a family. Brent is spending his Birthday in an institution again, for the past 6 years this is what Brent has been doing on his special day.

And he is still smiling.......

He should not be spending his time alone. He should be getting hugs from his mom and dad and kisses wishing him a Happy Birthday. He should be opening presents and eating cake and ice cream with his brothers and sisters. Brent is tiny for his age, fits in toddler clothes he needs to get out of the institution. I recently heard  that he is working very hard at  learning to ride a tricycle.

My heart breaks for him as he has been waiting so long to be found, I am sad that today he is still waiting.

Brent as a toddler when he first got listed for adoption

6yrs old

I don't know what Brent is feeling today. Does he know that today is his special day that God created him so perfect just the way he wanted him.  

Psalm 139:13
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

What does the number seven mean to me?....Seven of course is spritual perfection and so adequately represents the Holy Spirit itself. But also seven is the seal of God, he stamped his approval of creation by resting on the seventh day. God rested on the seventh day because his work of creation was complete, entire, perfect.

In Genesis 2:1-3 it says " Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sancified it; because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

This is what comes to mind when I think of seven, it holds a meaning to me as God created everything and everyone perfect. Brent is perfect to me, his pure little heart and innocent look in his eyes is like looking at Gods face.

So on this day I wish Brent a Happy Birthday, I look at his smile and it gives me strength to keep sharing him and praying that he doesn't have to spend another year alone.

Jun 3, 2012

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is what everyone who advocates for these children on Reeces Rainbow want to do. They want to move the mountains for that special child who has captured their heart.

"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than those, because I am going to the father. I will do whatever you ask in my name so that the father may be glorified in the son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." John 14:12-14

Here are some of the children listed on the Moving Mountains  on Reeces Rainbow this page is for children whose grant fund have reached $2500 or more.
Nicky Z








These children above have huge adoption grant funds available towards their adoption through Reeces Rainbow....People who have donated and fundraised for these child have made a big impact and are helping them get to this page. Being moved to the Moving Mountains  page gives the waiting children more exposure for them to be found! God has been moving mountains and raising grants....where is their families!!!

There are still many more children with sizable grants ($2500+)  who need to be seen!!!!



It's so hard to even scroll down the picture profiles and advocate to for just one. But today God has layed all these children above in my heart to pray for.

"Truly I tell you if anyone says to this mountain, Go throw yourself into the sea, and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" Mark 11:23-24

May 15, 2012

Seems like forever..

Seems like forever since I have talked about "my" little guy Brent. But I sure don't forget him, I pray for him everyday. God has given me the comfort to know he is being well taken care of in the institution he is at by receiving one on one care with a nanny. And soon I will be able to send him some things for him to enjoy playing with along with things he needs Thanks to Life2Orphans. But Brent is still in desperate need of his family! This little guy is full of life and love.

Just look at him on this bike!