Feb 29, 2012

One step closer

Often questions get asked of why would anyone want to adopt,especially when the cost is so much and becomes a financial burden. These are far often questions from someone who knows little to nothing at all about the children that live across the world. The ones born and living lifes without the love of a mother to tuck them in at night,or a father to play with them and carry them so high up in the air that they could touch the sky. Or not having a brother or sister to become their best friend and share so many things together. They only have orphanages and institutions where they are just another child waiting to be found. With no one to show them what the world is outside of them  and how much they can accomplish outside those walls. They don't know what it feels like to open a Christmas present, or enjoy a family outing at the zoo, or even be surround by people who love them and protect them and comfort them when they are sick.

And still even after seeing and reading and hearing what these children live through some will never understand or even feel the call to help any of them in any way. But God is big and he has brought families together to give these children a home, a life, and the love that was and is meant for every single one of these precious children. Mothers and Fathers who have grown a love so big for a child they have never met and step out on a leap of faith to bring them home no matter the price........All because they have known all along that time would find them. I am talking about the people who have sat in front of the computer and clicked on pictures just like you and me and have found their daughter or son. Gods plans are not always our plans, but  he always manages to put us exactly where we need to be, even  if we don't understand. What I see in the parents who chose to travel across the world for their children is that they already know and they follow. Wouldn't it be great for every single one of us to step out of the boat and join the families already on the water. But like me and many others right now is not the time, but we ache to help and  ache to see the certain babies and children who have captured our hearts suffer alone. Not knowing that across the ocean someone loves them and is praying for them everyday, some even driving friends crazy to let them know how important it is for everyone to see these faces and why.

There are still many children waiting to be found so desperately needing a mother and a father to call their own and love them for a thousand years. I have never thought about adoption never even imagen talking about it, but the love that God has instilled in my heart is so big that I can't ignore. A calling maybe to hear the cry for help, or a calling of son or daughter in my life. Only God knows his plan for us all.....so for all the families who have already answered that call to that specific child in their heart they are one step closer to bringing them home. " Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcome me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." Mark 9:35

Feb 20, 2012

The Fear

I started this blog about a month ago with determination to start talking to the world and anyone who just happen to stop by and read. You see I follow many blogs and comment but never imagened myself writing one, not me. I don't do very well with an audience, I am a shy person who likes to stick to my comfort zone and well if it's too hard it's not for me. But across the world in an institution sits a little boy 6yrs old in a MENTAL INSTITUTION waiting for his family.

 Brent was born with Down Syndrome, and left in an orphanage not common here but common in his part of the world. This was my wake up call to do something it's no longer about me. It's about the children with special needs who are being left alone with no one to help them. It's about so many needing us to voice their desperate need of someone to love them just as much as we love our own children at home. It brings me to tears every night that I often wonder how he is doing and what he is doing. I see the pictures of these children transferred from baby orphanages to institutions at age 5 and what a big transformation it is. You just simply can not just walk away from them, not after looking at the pictures and faces and looking into their eyes of loneliness and sadness. How long must these children wait? How much do they have to suffer to find a family? for some it's a short time which seems like an eternity. For others it just never comes they age out at 16 no longer eligible for adoption. No Hope, No Family, No Love, just an Adult Mental Institution.

And my fear.... that this sweet face little boy above born with one extra chromosome and got pushed away for it, not be seen by anyone and time goes by and he reaches that age and has to live that life of No Hope, No Family and No Love. But I have Faith....Faith in a God who has been with us always and has promised to never leave us in the midst of our troubles. A God who has stirred so many hearts to defend the orphans and is moving moutains. I believe that Brent is an orphan but has a family out there waiting to find him. I believe that our prayers will be answered and that everyday with every word we speak in his name he is preparing the way for them to come and rescue Brent from the institution he sits in today. Won't you please help spread the word of this little boy who sits and waits for his family. Along with the many other children in desperate need of a family as well. All it takes is one voice, one message, one facebook status, one blog post.....someone will see them.

 To read more about Brent you can find him here: http://reecesrainbow.org/831/Brent-35 where you can donate to his grant if able to towards his adoption. Now how did I happen to come across Brent well my blogs of course and they led me here: http://reecesrainbow.org/  so YES!!!!....as simple as clicking on a web page reading and falling in love with the children here I am writing about him. I found it I read it and now I am doing something too. How can we not, WE are called to do so James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. And with everything we do we are helping in some way no matter how small it may seem. Because for these children and for the ones in danger of transfer or all ready in institutions like Brent time is running out.