Jul 19, 2012

God's Timing

Ok everyone have you checked out the grant amount for Brent over to the right? over $15k that's right! Since we blog blitz Sunday his grant grew over $5,000. What a blessing! Thank you to everyone who donated and is helping him and his forever family. Brent's sweet face and grin is enough for anyone to fall in love with him. But  money is  often the reason why some of the children are still waiting.

It's just not right it should not have to cost so much to save a life and give a child a chance to live and be the person God created him/her to be. Because no doubt they have a purpose in this world! They certainly have touched my heart to do whatever I can in my hands to help them. What impact have they made on you?

God is showing his mercy on Brent...and I can't wait to see the plans he has for him. I often inquire about him to see if anyone is coming for him. Only to get my heart broken over and over to hear no one is. I check in on the My Family Found Me page  in hopes of seeing him on that everyday. And Brent is still on the Waiting Children page on Reeces Rainbow and it gets so discouraging. When will someone come forward and rescue him.

And then it hits me just look at what God has done for Brent this week, be patient and wait on God's timing because God answers prayers! He's never late and He never fails us. Today we must celebrate his timing and his provision.

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