Jul 12, 2012

Rescue Me!

This little guy you see in this picture is Sasha he is 8 yrs old and very much still a baby. There is not much that he can do, he has Down Syndrome and possibly CP he is considered very delayed. He rocks himself in strollers and cribs to keep himself occupied, and do you see his picture with his tongue? He has teethmarks on it from chewing on it from boredom.

No one really knows if he is autistic or has CP or other birth traumas as described in his profile. The caregivers can't do much with him so he soothes himself. Sasha is 8!!! and just look at his size!!!! He needs to be rescued!! He is now a " Lost Boy" he has been transferred to a remote institution, where it is not possible to get additional information on the children there. Making it difficult to update how they are doing once sent to this horrific place!

Please don't forget about me!

 Sasha has been doing nothing but laying in his crib with no one to hold him and comfort him and he has learned  to do so himself. The institution he has been transferred has absolutely nothing  for the children to do there, but sit around all day in sheds, as they rock themselves, and hit one another, and moan.

Won't you please share Sasha  today? He needs you and me to help him get out of a place he should never be in the first place. He needs love and attention more then anything in this world, if not adopted he will surely be bedridden for the rest of his life Please don't forget about him!

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