Feb 29, 2012

One step closer

Often questions get asked of why would anyone want to adopt,especially when the cost is so much and becomes a financial burden. These are far often questions from someone who knows little to nothing at all about the children that live across the world. The ones born and living lifes without the love of a mother to tuck them in at night,or a father to play with them and carry them so high up in the air that they could touch the sky. Or not having a brother or sister to become their best friend and share so many things together. They only have orphanages and institutions where they are just another child waiting to be found. With no one to show them what the world is outside of them  and how much they can accomplish outside those walls. They don't know what it feels like to open a Christmas present, or enjoy a family outing at the zoo, or even be surround by people who love them and protect them and comfort them when they are sick.

And still even after seeing and reading and hearing what these children live through some will never understand or even feel the call to help any of them in any way. But God is big and he has brought families together to give these children a home, a life, and the love that was and is meant for every single one of these precious children. Mothers and Fathers who have grown a love so big for a child they have never met and step out on a leap of faith to bring them home no matter the price........All because they have known all along that time would find them. I am talking about the people who have sat in front of the computer and clicked on pictures just like you and me and have found their daughter or son. Gods plans are not always our plans, but  he always manages to put us exactly where we need to be, even  if we don't understand. What I see in the parents who chose to travel across the world for their children is that they already know and they follow. Wouldn't it be great for every single one of us to step out of the boat and join the families already on the water. But like me and many others right now is not the time, but we ache to help and  ache to see the certain babies and children who have captured our hearts suffer alone. Not knowing that across the ocean someone loves them and is praying for them everyday, some even driving friends crazy to let them know how important it is for everyone to see these faces and why.

There are still many children waiting to be found so desperately needing a mother and a father to call their own and love them for a thousand years. I have never thought about adoption never even imagen talking about it, but the love that God has instilled in my heart is so big that I can't ignore. A calling maybe to hear the cry for help, or a calling of son or daughter in my life. Only God knows his plan for us all.....so for all the families who have already answered that call to that specific child in their heart they are one step closer to bringing them home. " Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcome me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." Mark 9:35

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